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City of Isle of Palms

Spring Adult 3on3 Basketball


Team Name    Captain                                        Win/Loss
Royall Ave Tony Holtvoigt                                 3W-2L
Chem South Tom Oppold                                    5W-0L
The Lakers Sean McLoughlin                             3W-2L
Thunderchickens Lewie Pearson                                 1W-4L-1F
Ready Set Movers Ryan Masche                                  5W-0L
The Funky Bunch Ryan Peterson                                 1W-4L
The Warriors Brandon King                                   3W-2L
Windjammer Michael Kraus                                  4W-1L
Jerry's Kids Joe Girard                                        1W-4L
Barrier Island Boys Shane Ziegler                                   2W-3L
Old Man Ballers Artie Perry                                        2W-3L
Grave Robbers Dan Slotchiver                                  0W-5L-1F

Day Date Time Court Away Team Name Home Team Name
Tue 03/25/2014  7:00P 1 Grave Robbers L Chem South  W
Tue 03/25/2014  7:00P 2 Old Man Ballers  L Ready Set Movers W
Tue 03/25/2014  8:00P 1 The Lakers   W Jerry's Kids   L
Tue 03/25/2014  8:00P 2 Barrier Island  W The Funky Bunch L
Tue 03/25/2014  9:00P 1 The Warriors   L Royall Ave   W
Tue 03/25/2014  9:00P 2 Thunderchickens W Windjammer  L
Tue 04/01/2014  7:00P 1 Royall Ave  W Jerry's Kids   L
Tue 04/01/2014  7:00P 2 Windjammer  W The Funky Bunch  L
Tue 04/01/2014  8:00P 1 Chem South  W The Warriors  L
Tue 04/01/2014  8:00P 2 Ready Set Move W Thunderchickens  L
Tue 04/01/2014  9:00P 1 The Lakers   W Grave Robbers   L
Tue 04/01/2014  9:00P 2 Barrier Island  L Old Man Ballers  W
Tue 04/08/2014  7:00P 1 The Warriors W The Lakers  L
Tue 04/08/2014  7:00P 2 Thunderchickens F Barrier Island Boy W
Tue 04/08/2014  8:00P 1 Royall Ave W Grave Robbers  L
Tue 04/08/2014  8:00P 2 Windjammer  W Old Man Ballers  L
Tue 04/08/2014  9:00P 1 Jerry's Kids   L Chem South   W
Tue 04/08/2014  9:00P 2 The Funky Bunch L Ready Set Movers W
Tue 04/08/2014 No roster changes can be made after this date

Tue 04/15/2014  7:00P 1 Chem South  W The Lakers  L
Tue 04/15/2014  7:00P 2 Old Man Ballers  L The Warriors  W
Tue 04/15/2014  8:00P 1 Jerry's Kids  W Grave Robbers  F
Tue 04/15/2014  8:00P 2 The Funky Bunch W Thunderchickens L
Tue 04/15/2014  9:00P 1 Ready Set Move W Royall Ave  L
Tue 04/15/2014  9:00P 2 Windjammer  W Barrier Island Boy L
Tue 04/22/2014  7:00P 1 Grave Robbers  L Ready Set Movers W
Tue 04/22/2014  7:00P 2 The Funky Bunch L Chem South  W
Tue 04/22/2014  8:00P 1 Barrier Island Boy L The Warriors  W
Tue 04/22/2014  8:00P 2 Royall Ave  L The Lakers  W
Tue 04/22/2014  9:00P 1 Jerry's Kids   L Windjammer  W
Tue 04/22/2014  9:00P 2 Thunderchickens  L Old Man Ballers  W
Tue 04/29/2014  7:00P 1 Barrier Island Boys Jerry's Kids
Tue 04/29/2014  7:00P 2 The Funky Bunch Royall Ave
Tue 04/29/2014  8:00P 1 Chem South Ready Set Movers
Tue 04/29/2014  8:00P 2 Grave Robbers Windjammer
Tue 04/29/2014  9:00P 1 Old Man Ballers The Lakers
Tue 04/29/2014  9:00P 2 The Warriors Thunderchickens
Tue 05/06/2014  7:00P 1 Old Man Ballers The Funky Bunch
Tue 05/06/2014  7:00P 2 The Lakers Barrier Island Boys
Tue 05/06/2014  8:00P 1 The Warriors Grave Robbers
Tue 05/06/2014  8:00P 2 Chem South Windjammer
Tue 05/06/2014  9:00P 1 Ready Set Movers Jerry's Kids
Tue 05/06/2014  9:00P 2 Royall Ave Thunderchickens
Tue 05/13/2014  7:00P 1 Grave Robbers The Funky Bunch
Tue 05/13/2014  7:00P 2 The Lakers Thunderchickens
Tue 05/13/2014  8:00P 1 Jerry's Kids The Warriors
Tue 05/13/2014  8:00P 2 Barrier Island Boys Royall Ave
Tue 05/13/2014  9:00P 1 Chem South Old Man Ballers
Tue 05/13/2014  9:00P 2 Ready Set Movers Windjammer

Tue 05/20/2014  7:00P 1 Chem South Barrier Island Boys
Tue 05/20/2014  7:00P 2 Windjammer Royall Ave
Tue 05/20/2014  8:00P 1 Thunderchickens Grave Robbers
Tue 05/20/2014  8:00P 2 Ready Set Movers The Lakers
Tue 05/20/2014  9:00P 1 Old Man Ballers Jerry's Kids
Tue 05/20/2014  9:00P 2 The Funky Bunch The Warriors
Tue 05/27/2014  7:00P 1 The Lakers Windjammer
Tue 05/27/2014  7:00P 2 Grave Robbers Barrier Island Boys
Tue 05/27/2014  8:00P 1 The Warriors Ready Set Movers
Tue 05/27/2014  8:00P 2 Royall Ave Old Man Ballers
Tue 05/27/2014  9:00P 1 Jerry's Kids The Funky Bunch
Tue 05/27/2014  9:00P 2 Thunderchickens Chem South
Tue 06/03/2014  7:00P 1 Jerry's Kids Thunderchickens
Tue 06/03/2014  7:00P 2 Old Man Ballers Grave Robbers
Tue 06/03/2014  8:00P 1 Royall Ave Chem South
Tue 06/03/2014  8:00P 2 Barrier Island Boys Ready Set Movers
Tue 06/03/2014  9:00P 1 The Funky Bunch The Lakers
Tue 06/03/2014  9:00P 2 Windjammer The Warriors


Please call Ben Hull at the IOP Recreation Dept for more information, 843-886-8294