BeachWeddings on the Beach
You and your guests must be careful of the dunes for protection of sea turtles and erosion. Please make sure that your guests are aware of parking regulations and that, where parking is allowed, all four tires must be completely off of the roadway. Professional photography is allowed on the beach under limited conditions (see below).  However, all other businesses, such as catering, are prohibited on the beach. If you are having the event catered at a location off the beach, your catering company must have an Isle of Palms business license and adhere to the islands' hospitality tax ordinance. It is also a good idea to check the tide table and to advise the police department, (843) 886-6522, the day of the event in case they receive any complaints. For information about obtaining a marriage license please call Charleston County Marriage Licensing at (843) 958-5183.  Be advised that City ordinances prohibit more than 40 people being at a short-term rental property at any time.

Professional Photography
On September 28, 2010, City Council passed Ordinance 2010-12, which allows commercial, still photography on the beach for no more than one hour per day.  Commercial photographers taking still photographs must have an Isle of Palms business license and may not solicit for clients on the beach.  Filming, photo shoots lasting more than one hour per day and disturbing the dunes are prohibited.  Contact the Isle of Palms Building Department at 843-886-9912 to obtain a business license. 

FireworksBonfires on the Beach
Fires are prohibited on the beach.

Individual fireworks are prohibited on the Isle of Palms. The City annually hosts a 4th of July fireworks display located over the ocean near 14th Avenue.

Breach Inlet Boat Landing
Mariners wanting access to the boat landing at Breach Inlet must bring the following to City Hall at 1207 Palm Boulevard: 1) a copy of insurance coverage for liability insurance of $300,000, 2) a completed Agreement for Residents or Agreement for Non-Residents, and 3) a fee $100 for full-time residents or $200 for all others, payable in cash, check or money order.  Breach Inlet boat landing access is valid for January through December and must be renewed each year.  Partial year access is not available. 

Hurricane Re-entry Stickers
Hurricane Re-entry Stickers used for the immediate return to the island after a mandatory evacuation has been lifted may be obtained at the Public Safety Building, 30 J.C. Long Boulevard, Isle of Palms (843-886-6522). Please bring in proof of residency/ownership with picture ID and have vehicle license plate information for up to three vehicles.

Trash Pickup
Please visit the Public Works Department page for this information.

Fishing licenses are required for any location that you must use a boat to fish from. SC State Law prohibits fishing from any bridges. For more information on fishing visit the Isle of Palms Marina page on this website or call (843) 886-0209.

Be sure to adhere to all parking signs. Also, SC State Law requires that all four tires be completely off the roadway where along the street parking is allowed. The Front Beach area of Ocean Boulevard, between 10th and 14th Avenues, has metered parking requiring you to pay for parking using one of the ten meter kiosks located along the main street. Please follow instructions on the kiosk for payment and display your receipt properly on your vehicles dashboard.

Alcohol on Beach
Alcohol is prohibited on the beach.